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Fabric Ducting

Fabric ducting and fabric diffusers, also known as fabric socks, textile diffusers, duct socks or air socks, represent a universal instrument for indoor air distribution. They allow for achieving excellent technical effects. Draft free air dispersion. Balanced airflow distribution. Short as well as long airflow reaches or sizing for achieving a certain velocity . They are suitable for ventilation, air-conditioning as well as heating.

Using the Prihoda Art technology, we manufacture diffusers in any color or with any motif. They are thus becoming an interesting part of every interior.


Air Socks can be of various cross sections, any size and any length within the given realistic technical range. Implemented designs are always based on customer requirements.



Textile diffusers allow for freely combining various distribution elements, thus covering the entire range of the airflow reaches used in real life.



We use specially developed polyester fabrics, which have gone through an extensive development in order to achieve as high of a usable and esthetical value as possible.



We have introduced several technical inventions and improvements on the market. We are the holders of several patents. We perceive all new customer requests as an opportunity to get better.



Textile diffusers can be washed in regular washing machines. Washing labels with corresponding maintenance symbols are sewn on next to the zipper of every diffuser part. The entire process is very easy and effective.



Our fabric diffusers have a long lifespan. They are not prone to corrosion or other material deterioration. We provide a 10-year warranty for most of the fabrics.



In comparison with sheet metal ducting, the installation of the fabric diffusers is very easy and fast. We offer many suspension options that are suitable for many different types of operation or rooms.


Let us prepare a customized solution for you