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PRIHODA Fabric Ducting and Diffusers - The art and science of air distribution 

In-depth knowledge of air flows in fabric ducts and spaces forms the foundation of our work. We have launched a range of completely new technological solutions and own several patents. We can furnish our fabric ducting with any special color or motif.

Prihoda ART

We do colorful fabric ducting, because they look cool!

Our Innovations

More intelligence in Air Distribution.


Fabric ducts represent an universal instrument for room air distribution. They cover the entire range of airflow reaches used in practice. Fabric ducting transports air to the destination without diffusion. We use a specially developed highly durable polyester fabrics for our fabric ducts.


Fabric ducts allow customized air distribution. Fabric ducts are washable and easy to install. Fabric ducts can feature special colors or graphic motives. Fabric ducts have a low weight and a long service life.



We have developed our own Air Tailor software that enables orders to be specified precisely and down to the finest fabric duct detail. The results are provided graphically as a spatial projection.


Kalya Exports, Nashik, India

With a combination of microperforation and perforation at 135° and 225°, we were able to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the whole packing area, which is important for the quality of the grapes, while simultaneously keeping the air velocities at a level comfortable for workers.

Masjid Miri, Miri (Sarawak), Malaysia

Installation in the Masjid Miri Mosque, located in the Malaysian part of Borneo. When using complex patterns, such as this, it is important that each 5m section has a perfect graphic match, so in some cases we make certain sections a few cm shorter or longer. Add to this the unique technology for coloring the fabrics, the diffusers’ precise production and flawless assembly, then the result is well worth it! High-quality photos close the circle allowing us to show our joint project to the whole world.

Cheese storage, The Netherlands

Diffusers with carefully designed air distribution installed in cheese storages are very important factor in a maturation process. Too high air velocity would speed up drying of cheese and cause unwanted loss of its weight and volume. Small textile nozzles with 40 mm diameter distribute air on the floor between racks with desired 1 m/s air velocity.

About Us




Belongs to the leading and largest manufacturer of Tailor-made Fabric Air Ducting & Diffusers™ in the world! This company, which was established in 1994, is still owned and managed by its founder Zdeněk Příhoda.

The company has undergone significant development over the years of its existence, as have the products it makes.

In Croatia, Macedonia and Albania an exclusive representation for all Prihoda products has the company Prihoda Croatia d.o.o.